Bernese Carting Weekend & ACM April 2014

By popular demand the carting group decided to have their main event during the Easter Bank Holiday which mean’t everyone could camp from the Thursday until the Tuesday. Most people turned up on the Thursday and we were all glad the the carting season was now under way. It was also a chance to catch up with what everyone had been doing over the Winter and to get the dogs out carting.

Overall the weather was very kind to us it was just the evenings that were so cold, but that didn’t deter us for having our usual social gatherings under the gazebo.

Saturday was the first day and we had plenty of sunshine. We had a few people come up for First Draft and to see what was going on. I had a chat with a family who brought their son along to meet the dogs and who were thinking of getting a Bernese but their son was frightened of dogs. Andy, the father was familiar with the dogs and had Bernese before but so wanted to have another one but wanted to make sure his son was happy to be around them and would like them. Tom and I spent a lot of time with Abe and he told us he was going to do a school project about the day he spent with us, but before he went he watched Wallace in his cart and Tom asked him if he would like to take Wallace  and cart him around, Wallace was great with him. Andy later emailed me to tell me that Abe couldn’t stop talking about his day and before going to sleep told him that it had been’ the best day of his life’.

We had decorated cart classes which were judged by Jim Webster who did a sterling job and all winners and results are on our website. Di Crawshaw organised the Raffle for us and the Club Stall and we had some good prizes, a big thank you to everyone.

Lee Palmer took the judges assessment course during the afternoon and then that was followed by the ACM, which lasted about an hour. I couldn’t let the ACM start without mentioning a special carting dog ‘Remy’ who was a true ambassador to the breed who belonged to Bruce & Jean Hellingsworth and who died a couple of weeks beforehand. She was a great carting dog and had achieved what only most of us could ever dream of in the carting world, she had been Top Carting Top four times. There was a few of us who had lost great dogs some more recently than others and it was fitting that we all applauded them.

After the ACM it was party time! Bruce the carting group’s secretary was celebrating his 70th Birthday little did he know what he had lined up for him and little did he know the extremes we had gone to making sure that this was going to be a big surprise. Jean had a caked made which was lovely and the Carters all clubbed together to but Bruce a beautifully engraved Tankard with Remy & Asti on it. I think we can all say that Bruce was overwhelmed by it all.

A Message for all my Carting Friends

I would just like to thank all the carters for the wonderful presents that I received over the Easter weekend. It truly was a surprise, how a cake was hidden in the caravan without me seeing it I will never know. The engraving on the tankard was first class and showed our working brace of Remy and daughter Asti. It is very sad that Remy had to pass over to the other side of the rainbow, but she will always be remembered as a great carting dog. The cake, what can one say about this? Its picture has gone viral and was finally finished this week by Jean and myself.  I now have a special certificate for being a 70 year old fellow signed by many of you – thanks for all your comments. I am still safely keeping the tankard in its box but it will go on display in the near future. The ale however will take a bashing this weekend. I have included pictures of all the presents for those who could not make the weekend.

A big thank you to all my carting friends.

Bruce (now officially an old fellow) 

 Happy Swiss Working Dogs
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