ACM (Annual Carting Meeting)

We have an ACM (Annual Carting Meeting) at the start of the carting season. Anyone is welcome to come along and join in. The agenda is published a few weeks before the meeting and will be available to see on the website in future.

ACM Minutes April 2014

Bernese Carting Group Meeting

Minutes of the AGM at Roade on Saturday 19th April 2014

The meeting opened with Wendy  thanking all for coming.

There was a special tribute for Remy - and all the dogs that have passed to the other side of the rainbow over the last year.

Minutes of the previous meeting. No issues were raised by the group.

GBClub changed the date of the autumn garden party which would include the final working cart course. At present no new venue has been proposed but it would not be at Roade.

The carting group calendars all sold last year Wendy thanked the group members who helped with the sales. There was a discussion about the posssibility of producing cards (Wendy passed around some examples for the opinions of the group). The group could supply carting pictures for inclusion, the calendars would be continued if all agreed. There followed a general discussion about the possibility of the cards including possible prices. The cards would be unique to the group and further thoughts on this would br discussed at a later date.

There was a discussion about the GB Garden Party in May and the proposed carting judge had accepted the appointment, full details about the judges for this year will be displayed on the group website.

The end of the year awards went well with no problems and the sponsors for the medals were Coral and David Dennis (the group thanked them for their support). For the 2014 end of year awards the medals would be sponsored by the Hellingsworths.

Wendy stated that she was not sure about the sponsorship from Royal Canine for 2014. This would be followed up and the group were asked if they had any further ideas about future sponsorship.

Current group funds stand at just over 1700 pounds.

Scotland went well last year - There was a small problem with the microphone and Wendy had to do a lot of shouting. The group raised the point that the opening parade is aways very special and following the piper into the ring is something special.

The chill out weekend went well - the famous rounders went well and more games are planned for this year.

A special thank you must go to Anne Thompson and Gerry Deegan for sponsoring the rosettes/trophies for the April meeting.

Wendy said thank you to all the helpers, Lee Palmer raised a point that a special thank you should go to the committee who spent a lot of time organising events.

Corporate clothing - the group were asked if they still wanted it. Jean H asked if the group logo could be put on any colour clothing, a general discussion followed on this. The group agreed that corporate clothing would still be OK. Need to keep to the same colour for displays (i.e. Scotland), but for casual use (weekend) any colour would be OK

No further issues were raised.

The meeting closed at 4.05.





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